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2024 Price Increase Letter


Because of social media today, and because of over 50 years of us inventing and discovering innovative new products for TIG welding, in some areas of the world, there are folks who want our stuff and can’t get it.

I have personally had individual communications with many of these welders who want our products and have had difficulty getting them because there is no local source who sells our products.

Over the past several years, social media has allowed us to communicate with individual TIG welders around the world. Because CK has added so many special products that make TIG welding easier, less expensive, and more productive, we are proud to say that we have established quite a CK fan base.

We will always prefer and urge our fans to purchase our products through their local distributor or preferred online provider because they will receive the best, quickest service, information, and pricing. However, if they don’t have a local distributor or online source who has the products they want in stock, or live in another country where there is not a source, we will sell our innovative products to them directly.

For all the supporters of our products, I want to personally thank you.


Art Kleppen, CEO