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Family owned and operated in Auburn, WA since 1967

A family owned and operated business from the beginning, we design and manufacture products right here in Auburn, Washington. In 1967, Art Kleppen and Jim Conley founded CK Worldwide with a mission to make TIG welding a more efficient process. They did it by bringing state-of-the-art, high-performance materials to the relatively simple TIG welding torch. The silicone rubber insulated torch heads they developed first lasted longer, provided better protection from current leakage and survived the inevitable drop at a much higher rate than the phenolic heads they replaced. This coupled with numerous other industry changing innovations paved the way for CK Worldwide to push TIG welding into the future and become 'The Standard in TIG Welding.'

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Innovations that changed an industry

  • Silicone Rubber Insulation
  • Gas Saver™ Kits
  • Max-Flo™ Water Cooling Technology
  • Wedge Collets
  • Flex-Loc™ Torches
  • Super-Flex™ Hoses
  • Fail-Safe Hose Connectors
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Products built with expert precision

We check all our parts for quality and consistency to make sure everything is built to the diamond standard that people recognize with. Our QA/QC team analayzes and addresses all aspects of our product functionality and use to make sure we are creating a premium experience for our customers.

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Delivering the best line of TIG torches, and accessories on the market

Our premium lines of TIG Torches and accessories are some of the most widely used in the world! With our vast product line we can find a solution to any job or project no matter the issue.


Advanced products perform best in the hands of a well-trained operator, and we offer customer service, technical information, and training for our distributors and end users alike. Distributors want to know the full product line and the advantages CK products can provide their customers, while end users need to know how those products benefit operations through efficient production flow, reduced expenses, and improved weld quality.

The best training in the world, however, does not eliminate the need for excellent customer service which is only a phone call or email away. A call to CK Worldwide is answered by experienced support that will result in an answer to your question.

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In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of CK Worldwide, the Art Kleppen Family, with the AWS Foundation, has created two annual $2500 technical scholarships to help those entering into the field of TIG Welding. These scholarships were formed by the generous donation of $50,000, matched dollar for dollar by the AWS, for a total of $100,000 into a trust so that the scholarship will continue annually, in perpetuity.

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