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CWH Pendant
CWH Pendant

CWH Pendant

  • Adds Filler Metal with Electric Button Switch and Straight Wire Guide
  • Works Independently of TIG Machine and Torch

The WF-5 Cold Wire Feeder Pendant is to be used separately from your TIG torch for continuous feeding of filler metal with the push of a button. 

Head StyleLengthWire Size/ TypeOrder #
Switch w/
Wire Guide
8 ft. (2.4mm).030" (.8mm)/ SoftCWH-030S
10 ft. (3.0mm).030" (.8mm)/ HardCWH-030H
8 ft. (2.4mm).035" (.9mm)/ SoftCWH-035S
10 ft. (3.0mm).035" (.9mm)/ HardCWH-035H
8 ft. (2.4mm).045" (1.1mm)/ SoftCWH-045S
10 ft. (3.0mm).045" (1.1mm)/ HardCWH-045H
8 ft. (2.4mm)1/16" (1.6mm)/ SoftCWH-116S
10 ft. (3.0mm)1/16" (1.6mm)/ HardCWH-116H