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Filler Feeding Tool

NOTE: Bendable coil allows angular adjustment without sacrificing stability.

 Learning to feed filler wire is one of the most difficult techniques to master in the TIG welding process. If you want to feed wire like other great TIG artists and professionals in our industry, the CK EZ DABR Tool will help you learn the technique quickly. This flexible guide tube, attached to your gloved finger, allows you to learn the movement necessary to easily feed filler wire precisely into the weld puddle. It can be easily changed to use right or left handed or different positions. An easy way to learn with this unit is to get yourself a piece of wire, try several feeding methods with the EZ DABR and practice while you are watching TV at home. The EZ DABR includes tips for 1/16” and 3/32” filler wire sizes. Larger wire can be used by removing the tips and smaller wire sizes can still be used with the 1/16" tip. If you are already a TIG welder there’s a good chance this will make feeding the wire easier for you and you might like to use it all the time. Why are we giving these away? Several years ago we donated $50,000.00 and the AWS matched it for a total of $100,000.00 for TIG welding scholarships. Every year for the past 25 years we have been setting sales records and this year, so far, has been no exception even with the virus situation. This is one way we think we can show our appreciation for all the support we have received from the TIG welding community over the years, and we like giving back to our industry when we can. Obviously the only reason we can be in this situation is because CK makes the best and most complete line of TIG equipment on the planet, guaranteed. So, instead of donating more money, we are giving this revolutionary new product of ours away because we realize how valuable these can be for all welders. If you are interested in trying our EZ DABR please click the link below and provide your information. Thank you for your support! Art Kleppen, CEO FREE

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